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Dr. James McGuire Review

Diabetic Neuropathy
I am a USMC Vietnam Vet. I have diabetes among other things. With type 2 diabetics I was having neuropathy pain any time day or night. I am under the care of the VA gladly they provided me with the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II device with a Intelligent Textiles sock stimulation system from Prizm Medical. I have been wearing them since July 2015. They work 100% I do NOT get neuropathy pain anymore. I get a full night’s sleep no more 2:00 am hot needles pain in my feet. NO pain all day. I wear my stimulating compression socks for 8 hours every night. Prizm Medical has given me exceptional customer service and support. Their Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II system works.
Ralph S. USMC Vet

Foot Pain
I had chronic pain in my left foot for 18 months with no relief. NOT due to diabetes…possibly residual nerve damage from a surgery. My podiatrist suggested the Prizm stocking that is attached to a mini low-voltage electrical stimulator worn overnight. You DO NOT feel the low current stimulation! After ONE MONTH this chronic pain was GONE and has not come back! I am now able to hike in the Dolomites in Italy, mountains in the U.S., and walk all over cities that we visit. If my feet or foot hurts from hours of hiking, I wear the stocking for a night or 2 and BINGO, pain gone! It provides PAIN RELIEF without pills! Without medicine! I travel with it…just in case!
Leslie W.

Recovery From Fracture
I was diagnosed with a Left proximal humerus fracture. This fracture entailed intense pain initially and then chronic aching in my left arm and shoulder which adversely affected my sleep on a nightly basis. 5 weeks later, I was given permission by my orthopedist to try the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II for pain relief. Almost immediately, I noticed a change. With less pain and better sleep, my occupational therapy progressed to such a point that my therapist was greatly encouraged by my improved range of motion. In addition to this, for my 9-week follow-up appointment with my orthopedist, the results of my x-ray indicated complete healing, which was 4 weeks earlier than expected. I am convinced that this wonderful device has aided tremendously in my healing process. We are very thankful for the opportunity to utilize the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II which has made a huge impact on my healing process.
Robin G. RN

Foot Pain
Prior to the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II unit, my feet felt numb to touch, but always hurting. My feet felt like they were in an ice-packed vice from the mid-calf to my toes. I had the pain for over 10 years. From the very first night of wearing the unit, my feet pain was gone. My pain went from a 10 to 0. This device has eliminated my feet pain I still have numbness to touch, but NO Pain. I wear the unit for 8 hours at night while l sleep, as directed. I am able to participate in life without the burning feet pain distraction. I can walk better. I cannot praise the unit enough, and I cannot emphasize the results of the feet pain relief enough.
Richard C. Clinical Educator

Pressure Wound Healed… Amputation Averted
My grandmother was 93 years old when she had bilateral total knee replacements. Shortly upon returning home she lost her balance and fell. The fall caused a fracture of her left upper thigh above the knee replacement hardware. Grandmother was hospitalized and put in a long leg cast for 6 weeks. When the cast was removed the fracture was healed, however, it was discovered she had three deep wounds on her left lower leg and heel from the pressure of the cast. My grandmother had very poor blood flow to her leg and foot. Her medical team and I had to put together a treatment plan that would get blood to the foot and leg or else we knew she was going to be set up for probable infection and amputation. In six weeks after we started using the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II, my grandmother’s leg and heel wounds were completely healed. We all know that we would not have achieved this level of healing without the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II . You see….one other thing I must mention is that I am a physical therapist and a Board Certified Wound Specialist. I know unequivocally that my grandmother’s wounds would not have healed at this rate or to this degree without the electrical stimulation intervention and that her risk for amputation was great.
Pamela S. Board Certified Wound Specialist, PT

Pain Relief
Just wanted to let you know that I have been using your device along with the glove and sleeve for the last 3 months. What I have experienced with this therapy is a complete miracle to me! Compared to everything else like pain management and all the medication, what I am feeling now is total relief and a true miracle.
Freddie W. U.S. Vet

Back, Shoulder and Knee Pain
I was in sharp, achy, constant stabbing pain for over 20 years. The pain was in my back, shoulder and knees. I hardly slept due to the severe muscle spasms and pain. On a pain scale I was a 10 in all areas. I could not function very well. I have been on pain medications and have tried physical and occupational therapies with little success. I wore the back wrap for 8 hours a night and in just a few weeks my pain was gone and no spasms at all. I have stopped taking all pain medication. I have such a better quality of life now. I am a wife and a mother who now can enjoy going out in the community with the family. I am so happy I have found something that works for me.
Tyra D. U.S. Vet

Broken Wrist
I had a fall and broke my wrist in three places. It (Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II) has helped me get my life back together. I had to wear pull-up clothes for a while because I could not fasten buttons. There are so many things in my life that changed when I did not have the use of my left hand. With the help of this device, I am getting my life together again. I would recommend this to everyone.
Faye D. 

Its an amazing tool for people who have neuropathy pain and discomfort. I received the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II unit and stocking back in July and wore every day for at least 6 hours a night. My pain was around 7-9 on the pain scale, sometimes a 10 with that being the worst. I could hardly sleep, the throbbing would drive me up the wall. Now I only wear maybe once or twice a week. When I am more active I will wear more often. I was able to cut back on medications I took as well. The pain has dropped down to a 2-3. You have my approval 100%. It is great technology.
Martin D. 

Burning Leg Pain
I started using the (Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II). I was experiencing a burning pain in my legs for about 4 to 5 months prior. Since using this unit the severity of pain has went from a 9 to a 3. I am able to sleep much better because of it.
Dale H. 

RSD & Swollen Feet
I have been using this e-stim unit with their electrode socks for the last year and a couple of months. What I have experienced with this therapy is Amazing! I have been in a wheelchair for the past 9 years, and just this past 4 months I have been able to finally get around without it. I have RSD in both feet. My ankles and feet were terribly swollen and I had to buy larger shoes than what I normally wear. Since wearing the socks, the swelling is gone/ the therapy is self-contained and very easy to use. I recommend this product to everyone!
Charles M.