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Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II Enhances The Body’s Own “Needle & Thread”

Another healing benefit of Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II electrical therapy is the enhanced production of collagen fibers which is essential for tissue repair.  Collagen is the main protein in connective tissue in the body. It is found in bone, skin, tendons, ligaments and cartilage.
Compare it to sewing up a cut in a pair of jeans. The collagen is the thread and the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II makes the thread stronger and speeds up the sewing machine.
Research Studies have shown that direct current stimulation like Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II can enhance collagen production, create better alignment and stronger fibers. This leads to…
Pain Relief Now: Quicker the healing takes place, the quicker the pain is reduced (the faster the sewing machine)
Quicker Recovery: The amount of collagen is increase (more thread being used)
Better Healing: The collagen is stronger and more organized with less scarring
(stronger thread being used, tighter pattern)
Less Pain in the Future: The more complete the repair with less scar tissue
(better repair job, less likely to tear again)
Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II will enhance tissue repair and can be used in any kind of injury recovery: sports, whiplash, work comp, bruises, sprains & strains, joint pain, incisions, wounds, fractures, etc.