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Yes, Therapy while you sleep!

Unlike other e-stim devices, the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II works below sensory which means you do not have to feel it for it to work. You can dial back the intensity of the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II stimulation to where it is not being felt and then wear it to bed.

Why would night time therapy be needed anyway?

Using the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II therapy at night has 3 main benefits:

QUICKER RECOVERY: You are able to get more treatment sessions in. You are adding an additional 2+ hours of therapy time to your daily total. This can add 10-15 hours of extra therapy per week.

BETTER HEALING: The body is more regenerative at night due to the circadian rhythms and hormone production and the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II therapy will be optimized and be more effective for tissue repair and healing.

BETTER SLEEP BY REDUCING PAIN: Wearing the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II on the area of pain can reduce the pain and allow better sleep. And the better you sleep, the better you will heal.

The Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II actually has a Nocturnal therapy mode programmed into it. It will come on for 20 minutes and then stay off for 40 minutes per session. It will do this eight times providing an extra 2 – 2 1/2 hours of additional therapy while you sleep.

Therapy while you sleep will help you heal better and recover quicker