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How to Use the Micro-Z Mini

How The Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II Works:

No Other Device Has This Special Combination of Technology:

The Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II uses direct current which is pulsed. Most other devices use alternating current, but direct current was chosen because of its healing properties. The electrical waveform and energy level also set Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II apart. It uses high volt to push the energy deep into the body and its amperage is low (micro-current) so it effects the cells and vessels instead of stimulating the sensory nerves or causing muscle contractions.

When designing the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II, choosing the energy form and patterns were crucial. Prizm was looking for the best electrical combination to promote healing.

  • Direct Current: Parallels the body’s own electricity
  • Shorter Pulses: Makes it more comfortable to the user
  • High Volt: Greater force to push the energy deeper
  • Micro-Current: Effects Cellular Repair, Increases ATP Production

 (This special combination is how the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II promotes healing and why it is superior to a regular TENS device)

What The Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II Does:

  • Increases Micro-circulation (it creates new capillary formation- angio-genesis)
  • Reduces Edema and Inflammation
  • Increases Collagen production and Alignment
  • Decreases Scar Tissue Formation
  • Kills Bacteria
  • Increases Fibroblast Cells (needed for cellular repair)
  • Increases White Blood Cell migration to site of injury
  • Increases Oxygen Level in tissue
  • Improves Cell Organization
  • Increases ATP production
  • Reduces Pain due to healing of tissue

All these cellular responses lead to Better Healing & Quicker Recovery.

*See Research page

What The Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II Can Be Used For:

  • Acute/Chronic Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Nerve Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Wounds
  • Fractures
  • Sprains/Strains

*check out the testimonial page

Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II

  • HVPG / pulsed DC Stimulation
  • Rapid ramp speed at 4 microseconds for deep tissue penetration
  • Helps relieve muscle spasms
  • Promotes Micro Blood circulation to relieve pain at the origin
  • Reduces edema and inflammation
  • Promotes healing
  • Dosage in Micro amps or a millionth of ampere
  • Offers a nocturnal treatment program


  • Pulsed AC Stimulation
  • Slow ramp speed of 40 micro  seconds for shallow penetration
  • Blocks the pain signal from the brain acting as an antagonist to nerves
  • Dosage in Milliamps or thousands of an ampere

Brief Instructions

Pain relief; increase microcirculation; muscle spasms and increase range of motion

  1. Make sure the skin is clean on the treatment area.
  2. Snap Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II™ lead wires into the back of the device.
    Place the lead wires on the back of the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II™, making sure that the Black button (-) is attached to the negative snap and that the red button is attached to the positive (+) snap.
  3. Place the two (2) AAA in battery compartment.
  4. Place the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II™ 3” round electrodes to the red and black lead wire pins. And then place the black lead wire /electrode furthest away from the heart on a muscle bed and the red lead wire four to five inches away on another muscle. (see photos illustrations below here)
  5. Turn on the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II™ by pushing down the On/Active button on the left hand side of the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II™; this on switch actives the device for a 30 minute treatment P1; by pushing the right hand button this activated the 8 hour treatment P2.
  6. P1 is a 30 min. treatment and if selected the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II™ will automatically turn off after the 30 min. treatment is complete.
  7. P2 is an 8 hour treatment where the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II™ will cycle on and off automatically over 8 hours. It will be on for 20 min and off for 40 min. during the treatment period.
  8. Then pump the increase button (+) to light sensation or comfort level and then you can reduce sensation by decrease button (-) to below sensory feeling. Note:  that using the 8 hour treatment at night while sleeping the therapeutic level of stimulation is always below sensory
  9. The Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II™ will turn off automatically once the 30 min (P2) or 8 hr. (P2) treatments are completed. If you want to stop the stimulation, hold down the button On/Active for 5 seconds.
  10. If you experience any skin irritation, stop the therapy and consult your clinician.
  11. The Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II™ is very safe to use and you should use them as often as you can both daily as well as at night.

Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II Foot Pain Instructions

Why is this product unique?
The Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II™ is an innovative, convenient pain reducing product. Simply apply the small electrodes to your area of pain, click a button and the pain will start to go away. The Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II unit is different than most TENS type machines because pain reduction is generated by a very comfortable micro-current DC stimulator that delivers penetrating energy deep into the affected area. The Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II is small and the current is barely perceptible so you can use it at home and during sleep while the body is in a natural state of healing.
*Please note that this is a TENS device, but it is different in that it is a DC current that delivers stimulation in the micro amperage range instead AC current which doses in the milliamp range.

When should I see results?
Your results may vary, depending on the type of pain you are experiencing, the intensity of your pain, and of course depending on the regularity of daily use. However, you will usually begin to see benefit within the first week, assuming daily and nightly use.

Will I feel the current?
One of the key reasons for the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II effectiveness is that you control the amount of current you use. The best results do not require a very strong sensation and it is recommended to slowly increase the current strength over a several weeks so you can learn how you best respond.

How long can I keep it on for at a time?
Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II offers two program options, a thirty-minute program or an eight-hour treatment cycle. The eight-hour cycle can be used day or night, with the treatment sensation going on and off at programmed intervals. Both programs make it easy to customize the intensity and are completely safe.

Are there are points in the body where Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II should not be used?

  • The electrodes should not be placed over the front of the neck, as the electrical signals can stimulate the carotid sinus, which controls heart rate.
  • They should also not be used over the heart, and never to those with pacemakers, for fear of producing heart rhythm problems.
  • Don’t place the electrodes on areas of skin that have been affected by severe nerve damage. Mild to moderate nerve impairment may be OK. Please check with your medical provider if you have questions about your individual use.
  • Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II should not be used with those with a history of cancer.

Can Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II be used during pregnancy?
Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II should NOT be used during pregnancy.

Where do I place the electrodes?

  • Option 1 – Place the red (+)electrode  above (proximal to) the painful area and the black (-) electrode  below (distal to)the painful area.  Be careful to keep the electrodes separated from each other DO NOT place them touching each other as they work best with separation.
  • Option 2 – Place the red (+) electrode on most painful area and the black (-)electrode about 2 inches below the area of pain.

How do I best take care of the electrodes?
Disposable self-adhesive electrodes are very convenient. With proper care they typically last though two weeks of continuous use. For best results:

  • Always place the electrodes on non-hairy, clean, dry skin. Do not place them on skin that has hand cream or body oil on it. Poor skin contact increases the current needed to stimulate the area, and causes the batteries to discharge faster than usual.
  • Prevent the electrodes from drying out. After use, dampen the side of the electrode that was in contact with the skin with a drop of tap water. Then place the electrodes back in the zipper lock bag they came in. Seal the bag properly and make sure all the air is expelled from it. This will help keep the electrodes from drying out between use. A dry electrode reduces Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II effectiveness, increases the current required, and drains batteries faster.
  • Between uses keep the electrodes cool. Don’t store them next to any heat source like a radiator or sunny window.

Trouble Shooting

Problem: I’ve connected everything up, switched on the machine, and nothing happens.

Are the batteries dead? – Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II runs on 2 AA batteries.
Solution: Replace the batteries

Are the batteries properly oriented in the battery compartment?
Solution: Make sure the that (+) pole is connected to the (+) end. Same for (-) pole.

Have the electrodes dried out?
When you place the electrodes on your skin they should feel slightly wet, and when you pull them off they should still feel sticky. If neither of these is the case, then replace them. The whole electrode should have contact with the skin, and there should be no curled edges.

Problem: My machine works initially for a short time, but after a while the sensation declines or stops completely.

  • Are the batteries nearly dead? – Replace with new batteries
  • Have the leads fallen off? – Are the electrodes moving under your clothes so that contact with the skin is lost? Experiment with the way that the leads hang when they are in place. Try securing the electrodes with micropore tape around the edges.
  • Are the electrodes past their effectiveness? – If the electrodes feel dry or have lost their stickiness, replace them with a fresh pair.
  • Have you become tolerant to the signal strength? – As you become more confident with using your Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II, you may find that you will benefit from higher signal strengths. Try increasing the (+) power output to see whether this is the case.

Problem: I have developed a red itchy rash where my electrodes have been.

  • Try varying the position of the electrodes, and the length of time of contact with the skin.
  • Sometimes pre-treating the skin with low strength hydrocortisone cream can reduce the severity of a reaction. If symptoms persist, please speak to your doctor.
  • Try using different manufacturers electrodes (which may have different chemicals in the adhesive).