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Prizm Medical, Inc. is a 24 year old company located in Buford, Georgia and is the premier developer and manufacturer of electrotherapy devices. As the developer of the world’s first garment electrodes, the company has been in the forefront of research and development addressing therapeutic needs to promote healing and pain relief.

Prizm Medical is the leader in reducing leg and foot pain with ground breaking advances in the research of below sensory nocturnal stimulation. Prizm Medical utilizes newly achieved innovations in driving energy uniformly over a large body area via portable delivery system allowing for in-home treatment.

Our products have been used by more than 250,000 patients worldwide from Atikita, Japan to Kupio, Finland and are backed by 14 years of technological research, with 20 published clinical studies and more to come.

By increasing microcirculation to treat acute and chronic injuries, our products accelerate the body’s own natural healing process while treating and relieving pain. Our vast array of garment electrodes are powered by the Micro-Z DC stimulators which are HVPG (high volt pulsed galvanic) neuromuscular and pain stimulator which promotes increased microcirculation and rapid tissue healing.

The Micro-Z is the world’s first “wearable” DC stimulation device. Its’ copyrighted software provides a unique DC electrotherapeutic energy to the afflicted area. The Micro-Z DC stimulator can deliver it’s  energy through either hydrogel stick-on electrodes or Prizm’s proprietary garment electrodes in the form of socks, sleeves and gloves. They are soft, comfortable, and provide a unique method for delivery of electrotherapy energy uniformly over the entire treatment area.

The ease of use of our products, coupled with the compact size of the Micro-Z allows for nighttime delivery of electrotherapeutic treatment thereby increasing the number of treatments per day, and improving patient compliance.

FDA/GMP and ISO13483/2003 Certified